About New line Company for furniture and home furnishings

We are New Line company for furniture and home furnishings the leading furniture and furnishings in the State of Kuwait in the field of furniture and home furnishings. Her brand Special Feather deployed in all the Arab Gulf states, China and Turkey and some Arab and African countries in addition to over twenty years of retail trade. The New Line has launched since 2005 and through the opening of a wholesale branch in addition to the number 9 for retail branches to cover the entire market of Kuwait and then Saudi Arabia. And here we have begun the expansion of the trip each of the State of Qatar through Feather company and the United Arab Emirates.

 Activities of New line Co. and it's branches :

The company's activity varies all cotton textile trade, including:

1.2 quilt crews and brocade in all its forms and its different forms
2.2 (cotton ,Microfiber ,Satin , jacquard , velvet …etc).
3.2 Pillows in all its forms and various kinds (Pressed , Foam Memory , PVC , Mazi, Feather) .
4.2 Blankets Merinos. The Turkish luxury and an ISO certified and feather blankets.
5.2 Facial and body towels of all types and sizes and the latest models, and international standards of luxurious Turkish industry, as well as the Portuguese industry and finally the Chinese industry conform to international standards.
6.2 luxury bathrobes crews according to the latest European fashions and technology industry, Portuguese and Turkish ISO certified.
7.2 Sheets and bedspreads, Bed covers and tables.
8.2 children beds.
9.2 Medical mattresses.
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